A Technical Meeting of the SMARTPIF project - "Smart tools for the prescription of orthopaedic insoles and footwear" took place in Valencia (Spain) on October 3rd

During the meeting, the Research Partners explained progress made in their respective Work Packages (WP1-USAL and INESCOP, WP2-INESCOP, WP3-USAL and UNIVPM, WP4-UVEG, WP5-UNIVPM, WP7 and WP8-INESCOP). A critical review of the latest developments was made and key issues regarding the integration of results and data exchange between different modules were discussed.

The University of Salford (USAL) presented an advance of the first insights from the focus groups. This information will be very significant in order to achieve results in line with the expectations of final users: podiatrists/chiropodists.

INESCOP explained work done in WP2 regarding the two different versions of 4D foot scanner: a high-end version and a simplified or basic one.


RTD partners during the session 


Regarding the prescription tool, and the integration of the different software applications as well as the complex data exchange, UNIVPM showed an update of the tool integration diagramme.

UVEG linked the data exchange with the requirements of the mathematical model they are preparing for pressure prediction, and an agreement was reached regarding issues such as the number of sensors to be used and how they will be located: users will be able to relocate their position (aiming at increased resolution, for instance) or choose from a preselected set of sensor masks.

The technical meeting was brought to an end, not without having revised the current status of all ongoing activities.