On 11th March 2014, INESCOP hosted the first Review Meeting of SMARTPIF project, in Elda (Spain).

The project partners and representatives of the European Commission (Project Officer Ms. Barbara Mester, and External Reviewer Mr. Robert Gajewski) attended the meeting, and had the opportunity to assess the progress of activities carried out during the first reporting period (M1 to M9).


Work Package presentations


Furthermore, a live demo of the two 4D Foot Scanner prototypes developed during the project was shown to those present. These 4D Foot Scanners are able to digitise the whole foot (or the sole of foot, in the case of the simplest version) during a whole gait cycle, and they will be integrated in the set of tools that the project foresees as an aid for podiatrists to help them during the prescription of therapeutic solutions for their patient’s foot conditions.

4D Foot Scanner demonstrated by Marc Schmidtz (LION)

In addition, project partners showed progress made in the different Work Packages: preparation of data collection with real patients, that will take place during months M9 to M14 (protocols, specifications, special requirements, etc.), general scheme and workflow of the software packages to be developed, first results of two focus groups with clinicians and podiatrists from UK and Spain, in order to gather information about their requirements and expectations related to new tools available, etc.

As it was demonstrated during the meeting – and confirmed by the representatives of the EU Commission– SMARTPIF project is progressing in accordance with the DoW, with no remarkable delays or incidents.