On May 22, at city of Manchester, took place in the facilities of the University of Salford the Kick-Off meeting of the project SMARTPIF - "Smart tools for the prescription of orthopaedic insoles and footwear".

After a brief welcome by the project coordinator, Mr. Ángel Camp (IVPIE), every Work Package was explained by the respective leaders (WP1-INESCOP, WP2-LION, WP3 and WP6-USAL, WP4-UVEG, WP5-UNIVPM, WP7-S-INSOLES and WP8-INESCOP), who presented an overview of the work to be done during the first project period (Month 1 to Month 9):

  • Objectives.
  • Duration.
  • Partners involved and their respective workload.
  • Summary of the tasks with regard to the project timeline.
  • Deliverables due.
  • Key-point: specific aspects on which special attention should be paid.


After the WP explanations, the Technical Manager, Mr. Rafael Hernández (INESCOP), explained administrative and financial issues relating to the project: the project workflow, the governance structure, roles and responsibilities, reporting procedure (mandatory and internal), project management, budget calculation vs. budget allocation, and payment mechanism.

After a round of questions and answers, the Kick-Off meeting finished and the project was officially launched (although work has developed since 1st of May).

Also, the day before RTD partners had a technical meeting, in which they discussed the data collection procedures, the immediate needs of the different developments, and the internal coordination among researchers assigned to the different work packages.