On April 22nd in Birmingham and April 28th in Cardiff, more than 110 National Health Service Clinicians joined Prof Chris Nester, Dr Ana Martinez (USAL) and Paul Lawless (S-INSOLES) for SMARTPIF validation events.  The events were based at the local Hospital education centres to facilitate good attendance from practitioners focussed on footwear and orthotic practice.


Delegates were introduced to the key SMARTPIF technologies (4D Dynamic Foot Scanning, Insole Designer, Pressure Predictor/Viewer, Virtual Mirror and Interactive Catalogue), involved in demonstrations and discussion, and provided direct feedback on the technologies and project innovation.  

The delegates had the 4D Foot Scanner concept explained and illustrated via video, and saw live demonstrations of the Virtual Mirror/Interactive Catalogue and Insole Designer.  Research by the USAL team on barriers to technology adoption was discussed to explore factors useful to future exploitation of the SMARTPIF results.  Delegates were also shown the digital supply chain technologies which the SMARTPIF project connects too, including CAD and CAM tools.