At login/downloads you can find a public access summary of the next project deliverable:

D1.1 - Foot, insole and footwear data requirements.

D1.2 - Material and foot characterisation report.

D1.3 - Foot movement recordings and characterisation.

D1.4 - Foot movement recordings and characterisation (update).

D2.1 - System specifications for 4D Foot Scanner.

D2.2 - 4D Foot Scanner.

D2.3 - User validation report (of 4D Foot Scanner).

D2.3(u) - User validation report (of 4D Foot Scanner) - Update.

D3.1 - Report of system specifications.

D3.2 - Software Beta (of Insole Designer).

D3.3 - User Validation Report (of Insole Designer).

D4.1 - Data pre-processing.

D4.2 - Mathematical models for foot pressure prediction.

D4.3 - Validation and sensivity analysis of neural models.

D5.1 - 3D Pressure Map Visualisation Software.

D5.2 - Virtual Mirror.

D5.3 - Interactive Catalogue of shoes and insoles.

D5.4 - Report on User Validation Results.

D6.1 - Report on evaluation and measuring methodology. (merged D6.1 + D6.4)

D6.2 - Report on test through real case studies. (merged D6.2 + D6.3)

D6.5 - Prototype of prescription tool.

D7.1 - Set-up of project website.

D7.2 - IPR management and exploitation plan.

D7.3 - Plan for Use and Exploitation of project results.

D7.4 - Dissemination activities report. Year 1.

D7.5 - Dissemination activities. Final report.

D7.6 - Detailed market analysis.