The Smart Prescription System (SPS) is a software tool for assisting in the therapeutic prescription of insoles.

When used by clinicians, it guides them to define a customized insole prescription, by means of a complete set of pre-built insole templates, related to the most frequent foot health diseases, which can be customized to adapt to the specific needs of each patient.

The SPS is the pivotal application of the SMARTPIF system, being connected to external data acquisition devices, like baropodometric platforms and foot scanners, and to other software utilities like the 3D Plantar Pressure Viewer and Predictor, and the Interactive Catalogue and Virtual Mirror.

When used by patients, the SPS allows them to provide the clinicians with feedback related to the prescription, as well as to gain information about their treatment. This feedback from patients helps the clinicians to adjust their prescriptions and to better fit them to the patients’ expectations and feelings.

After defining and customizing the insole, the tool generates a standard data file (XML format) that collects the main features of the prescription. This file is used to connect with other SMARTPIF software applications.


Smart Prescription System


The SPS main functions are:

  • support and assist the podiatrist’s work during the phase of making an insole prescription, thanks to the use of clinical and geometrical design rules applied to the template selection and personalization;
  • create new user defined templates;
  • make available data from external devices, to be used during the prescription: foot scans and plantar pressure data;
  • exchange information related to the prescription with other software tools (Plantar Pressure Viewer, Pressure Predictor, Interactive Catalogue, Virtual Mirror, Insole CAD/CAM). the predict plantar pressure);
  • visualize the 3D model of the prescribed insole;
  • manage patient personal data;
  • inform and educate patient, by means of access to medical web sites, and information about the prescription main features;
  • provide patient’s with the possibility to evaluate their prescription, by means of  standard and personalized feedback questionnaires;
  • provide clinicians with patient’s feedback related to each prescription.


The Smart Prescription System is a Web application, and requires an active Internet access (it doesn’t work in local mode) and a Web browser installed in the computer (PC or Mac) or mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet).

The Web browser needs to support WebGL in order to allow the use of the 3D viewer functions of the SPS.

To use the application, the user (clinician or patient) needs to be identified by username and password.