SMARTPIF - "Smart tools for the prescription of orthopaedic insoles and footwear" is a research project financed by the European Commission under the Research for SMEs Theme of 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

The project is based on an identified market gap: podiatrists often lack knowledge and experimental data to decide which specific shoe-insole combination-and their corresponding materials-are suitable for a patient. 

The project has developed a set of tools to assist podiatrists in achieving the best therapeutic prescription for a patient, in a user-friendly environment and without requiring complex technical operations:

  • 4D Foot Scanner: version A (ToF based) and B (single 3D camera).
  • Smart Prescription system (Insole Designer).
  • 3D Pressure Viewer & Pressure Predictor.
  • Interactive Catalogue & Virtual Mirror.

A commercial handbook and a video are available, for downloading , in two different languages: english and spanish.