The Interactive Catalogue is a software tool that allows the patient to co-design and customize the footwear preselected by the Smart Prescription System as most suitable to the prescription made by the podiatrist.

This software application is available for iPad tablets, and uses a very simple and intuitive interface for changing colors, materials and textures of the different parts of the shoe, working directly on a 3D virtual model.

The Interactive Catalogue has an additional module, the Virtual Mirror. This software application allows the patient to visually check the co-designed and customized shoes: when it’s used in conjunction with a real mirror, it shows in real time the co-designed shoe superimposed over the patient’s own foot.


Virtual Mirror


The Interactive Catalogue receives information from the Smart Prescription System, preselecting the most suitable footwear for the prescription made by the clinician. Using a graphical touch interface, the user can:

  • select pieces of the footwear and apply different materials, colors and textures;
  • select accessories and embellishments for the co-designed shoes;
  • save shoe models in a Favourites library;
  • place and order and buy the model, starting the manufacture process.


The Virtual Mirror is an additional module, connected to the Interactive Catalogue, that allows the patient to try on the co-design shoe, visualizing the virtual model over an image of the patient reflected in a real mirror. The available functions are:

  • visualize a virtual model of the shoe over the patient’s foot;
  • visualize a previously co-designed shoe, stored in the Favourites library;
  • modify the basic dimensions of the virtual model of the shoe, in order to better fit to the patient, scaling width and height;
  • modify the spatial location of the virtual model, in reference to the patient’s shoe, in order to enhance the visualization and offer a better fit: translation of the model in three axis, rotation of the model, mirroring of the model (selecting left or right foot).


The Interactive Catalogue and the Virtual Mirror are Tablet applications:

  • Operating System: iOS, version greater than 6.0.
  • Special requirements: it requires an active Internet access for both, to login and also to access last version of the footwear assets.
  • Hardware requirements: Apple iPad tablet. The following versions are recommended:
    • iPad: version greater than 2.
    • iPad Mini: version greater than iPad Mini 1.

Note that these versions of the Tablet are not recommended: iPad 1 and 2, and iPad Mini (first version).