WP1 : data acquisition

This work package is devoted to provide the necessary data to feed the Artificial Neural Network (ANN), and eventually Pressure Predictor, of WP4. In order to analyse the mechanical comfort of footwear, by means of pressure distribution over the foot, we need data about the geometrical description of the foot, pressure distribution (static and dynamic) at the plant, registration of foot positions in movement, and material characterisation (footwear and insole).


WP2: 4D scanner

The main goal of this task is to develop a 4D Foot Scanner, capable of digitalising a foot against time and obtain a geometric description of the foot for consecutive time momentums, obtain automatic (and calibrated) measures from the 3D file over the time, condition the data in order to integrate with other project data, and finally open to integration of pressure data.


WP3: Insole Designer

The objectives of this WP will beto define clinical practice objectives for the insole designer, incorporating the major aspects of clinical practice and decision making, plus new data from 4D geometry and pressure prediction innovations (WP1 and WP2). Based on the last, to develop a software tool to integrate insole material selection, insole geometry and knowledge of insole performance features into to enable “totally bespoke” insole designs. And finally validate the software tool such that is able to accommodate standardised insole design needs of clinical practice.


WP4: Pressure Predictor

This WP will develop a foot pressure predictor based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). The aim of this predictor will be to provide podiatrists with a tool able to obtain a prediction of the pressures exerted by shoes and insoles over the foot surface while walking.


WP5: Interactive Prescription Tool

Objectives of this WP will be: development of a CAD-based tool in order to manage the 3D foot model and to visualise the 3D foot pressure map in the same environment where the shoe and the insole can be chosen and customised, development of a user friendly interactive catalogue in order to choose and customise the specific shoe and insole, development of a tool for virtually test the aesthetical aspects of the shoe, and finally the connection of the 3D pressure map visualisation tool with data of the catalogue of shoes and insoles and with the data description set of 3D insole design system.


WP6: integration, test and validation

The objectives of this WP are to integrate the individual results into a unique prescription solution, to provide training to the SME partners in order to prepare them to use the systems and explain the benefits of the whole proposed solution in all different aspects, to test the integrated system on case studies and to evaluate the overall project.


WP7: knowledge, dissemination, IPR and exploitation

The aim of this WP is to ensure that the project results are appropriately disseminated and the exploitation strategy well defined.


WP8: project management

The aim of this WP is at ensuring the project meets its overall objectives, coordinating and managing the different project activities in administrative, technical and financial terms.