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BioMech Technologies Limited

S-INSOLES designs, manufactures, supplies and distributes insole products to health care markets in Europe. It key brand is “salfordinsole” and it recently launched a consumer range under the science26 brand. It is a spin out of the University of Salford and was established in 2008. Its current portfolio includes two motion control insoles used to treat a range of common foot and lower limb conditions, and the innovative “Lateral Wedge Technology” insole, designed specifically to treat knee arthritis.  It has rapidly established its market position and has supplied over 60 NHS (National Health Service) organizations in the UK and Ireland. The company achieved month on month profitability in its first year.


Role in the project

S-INSOLES lead the dissemination and IPR management related activities as experts in the transfer of research results and knowledge to the market, especially those connected to insoles products and related software production and exploitation. They participate to the specifications of data acquisition and test and validate the insole designer, the pressure predictor, the interactive prescription tool and the integrated solution.