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In order to help and support practitioners to prescribe orthotic footwear and insoles, this project aims the development of a set of technological devices and computer tools that will assist them in achieving the best therapeutic prescription for their patients.

This set of tools will, on the one hand, provide a prediction of the pressures to be exerted in the foot during a gait cycle for a combination of shoe and insole chosen from a catalogue or from previously designed models, and a pressure visualization in real time in the format of a 3D image of the patient’s foot with a superimposition of the aforementioned pressure map.



On the other hand, it will address the problem of the patient having to choose a shoe model that has not yet been manufactured or is not available in the podiatric clinic (which lacks of a footwear store stocking facilities). The software tool will make it possible to offer to their patients the possibility to virtually try-on the selected shoes by means of augmented reality techniques through a virtual mirror, without having footwear stocks available at the podiatrist’s consulting office.



Specific objectives of the SMARTPIF system will be:

  • Collect morphological and biomechanics data on the feet of individual patients.
  • Predict foot pressure during gait for different footwear designs.
  • Integrate the pressure predictions with easy to operate insole design software.
  • Enable patient to try-on in a virtual way their footwear choices.