Expected results

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To achieve the project objectives, the system developed within this project will include the following tools:

  • A 4D Foot Scanning Device to scan the patient’s foot and obtain its geometrical description against time, during the gait cycle. This will complement the static 3D foot scanners, which lack information on foot deformation during the gait cycle.
  • An Insole Production Software, that will allow the practitioners to design the insole, selecting the materials and drawing or selecting the different forms and structures. This design will be parameterized in a set of compliant data, not only for offering the possibility of using automatic tools for the manufacture of the insole but going further and providing a data description of the insole that will be feed in the Foot Pressure Predictor software, in order to analyse the influence of the proposed design on the exerted pressures under the plantar surface of the foot.
  • A Foot Pressure Predictor software, that will predict pressure over any point of the foot plant when a specific combination of shoe and insole is selected for the patient, in order to analyse the mechanical comfort of footwear + insole. This software will be comprised by a mathematical model that will pre-calculate the pressure over the scanned foot of the patient, based on the pressure predictions that will be made by means of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN).
  • A 3D Pressure Visualisation software that, according to the shoe selected made from an interactive catalogue and the insole either selected from the same catalogue or prepared by the insole production software, will show a three-dimensional model of the patient’s foot with a superimposed image corresponding to the different pressure levels predicted by the mathematical model for this particular combination of foot-shoe-insole.
  • A Virtual Mirror, 3D visualization software for a model of the selected shoe, that will be superimposed onto the real image of the patient by means of augmented reality (AR) visualization techniques.
  • The full system integrating the aforementioned results: SMARTPIF.